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Cabinet Replacement

Apart from the other options above, we are also able to completely remove and replace existing cabinets. All cabinets are custom manufactured at our cabinet shop in York, PA. They are made with 3/4” cabinet grade plywood with poplar wood face frames. Our cabinets also feature different reinforcements and assembly details. The quality of materials and craftsmanship will provide long term structural integrity and will be able to be refaced in a new style decades into the future. These long term benefits are simply not possible with particle board cabinets.

Once the raw assembled cabinets are mounted in the kitchen, our installer will apply the finished veneer or laminate on the cabinet box. Then the matching finish doors, drawers, and hardware are installed. So this part of the process is no different than the Cabinet Makeover option with existing cabinets.

Custom manufacturing allows us to create a cabinet that will fit within the footprint of the existing kitchen. The kitchen cabinet footprint is the space not occupied by flooring, backsplash and appliances where the cabinets would fit. In comparison, stock sized cabinets are best used in new home construction and won’t fit a pre-existing kitchen footprint. As a result, someone that does get stock cabinets for their kitchen, will find themselves using filler materials that will look like a “patch job”. Otherwise they end up with new projects like a new floor and new tile back wall that they weren’t expecting in order to fit the size of the new stock cabinets.


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