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Organizational Chart

The Field Marketing Department is organized through specific regions. These regions will comprise of an entire state or a combination of states. Currently, our regions are:

Each region is then divided up into districts. A district encompasses up to five different cities or towns within close proximity to one another where we have a Home Depot retail store within our territory. Refer to the Handbook for a breakdown of the different store locations.


As an ISP, you will be operating within one or more of these districts. Every region has a Regional Marketing Manager (RMM). The RMM oversees the overall growth and development of all ISPs in the region. If you are participating in YRG’s initial workshops after being hired, they will operate in the stores to show you the best practices to set appointments. From there, they will have a presence in the stores to provide further assistance to help you maximize your success. Also the RMM will interface with the Sales Department to ensure the region is operating to meet its goals.


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